Vacation Rental Script Features


Guest Dashboard

Guest can manage his reservations and transactions using this dashboard. Guest is allowed to manage his previous and upcoming trips, wish list, transactions history, ratings and reviews, disputes etc.

Guest Verification

It is mandatory that each guest should complete a verification method through email or SMS, prior to any reservations. The host will easily accept the reservation request of a verified guest.

Booking Options

A Guest can choose “Request to Book” or “Instant Booking” options to make reservations. Booking options will be available based on host preference.

Search and Filters

Advanced search and filter option is available for the guest to easily access his desired listings. Location-based search refines the listings accurately based on the map marker.

Cancellation Policy

Guest is allowed to cancel his reservation based on the cancellation policy defined by the host. The guest will get a refund based on the cancellation policy.


If the guest experienced any difficulties during their stay he can raise a dispute (complaints) against the host. The site admin will manage the dispute.

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