Vacation Rental Welcome Pack: Ideas to enhance your Guest Experience

Vacation Rental Welcome Pack: Ideas to enhance your Guest Experience
SAJITHA BANU Content Writer

So, how can you go one step higher to beat the competition in vacation rental house businesses? If you are able to set your brand superior and get repeated guests in your business. Then, you’ll be most loved by your guest. 

The first step is to send basic information to your guests before a few days via email. You can include information regarding their stay, transportation, check-in, and accommodation. Your next goal is to prepare a welcome pack, the main focus of this blog.

Remember to celebrate that, guests have chosen your property over multiple options. So it’s your privilege to provide the best in class business details, hygiene cleaning, and wishful decor. Focus to make guests comfortable and relaxing vacations.

Make sure to provide an extraordinary welcome pack for your guests. All this will leave the guest the best impression over guests and this leads to positive reviews for your business.

Just have a look at the best items checklist that you can add to your upcoming vacation rental welcome pack!


How to Repeat Your Bookings using Guest Welcome Packs?

The best welcome basket can impress your current guests as well as attract potential visitors to book your vacation rental home.

However, most of the travelers book vacation rental homes based on reviews of peer travelers.

By including such small and essential complementary products in your vacation rental welcome packages can ultimately boost your ratings.


What Should You Include in Your Vacation Rental Welcome Package?

Vacation essentials

Don’t underestimate the basic products in your welcome pack. These basic products are most essential for guests who forget to pack on their trip. You can also add surprise items that stay for a long time in your guests mind. 

However, travelers who plan for a 2-3 days trip won’t invest in huge shampoos. You can take advantage of this and provide some exciting sample packs of toiletries and essential products like milk, coffee, and sugar sachets for guests. Keep this in mind, your guest will thank you later!


Hygiene Items

In the midst of Covid 19, after long break travelers have started to explore new places at the same time they worry about safety measures. You must make your guests feel safe and comfortable like being home. 

For this, you can provide complimentary masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes. This will help guests to stay relaxed and feel safe while sightseeing.


Tailored Items

Do you know even the most underrated hotels provide some complimentary items for their guests? So, make sure to tailor your welcome pack based on the location, season, and your guests nature. 

All this will help you to stay one step ahead and guests will feel the top-notch luxury in it. You can craft your welcome basket as per the specific needs of guests.


Personalized according to your property or season 

Personalization based on guest needs is simple by communicating with them during the reservation process. You can even ask them about their requirements, for example, you can find whether it’s a couples honeymoon stay, or a group of friends staying for parties or family with children on a vacation.

Once you find their requirements, you can provide some birthday equipment like candles, party lights or if it’s children, you can give some sketchbooks, fun toys, etc. or even snacks as a welcome gesture.


A Welcome Book

With your welcome pack, you can include a small welcome book that has information about the property, the location, transport, exciting places, and restaurants to try out the local cuisine.

You can also include a few other things like rules and check-in/checkout timings. We recommend you to provide emergency phone numbers and property addresses for your guests.


Snacks and Drinks

Have you ever got excited seeing good welcome packs? If yes, then your guests will also love it. Especially late night travelers find no other options to eat out and they find such amenities much delightful.

Just plan what you’re going to provide for your guests, even simple snacks for late-night travelers and breakfast can create a good impression for you. For example, you can provide a water bottle, fruit, coffee, instant oatmeal, or bread. 


A Note On Local Items

Make an effort to add special items available in your locality to the welcome pack. By doing this you consciously add a personal touch to your welcome pack. 

You can add just a sample of these local selling things, including local honey, artisan chocolates, handmade soap, authentic spices from your region. 

This will also help local sellers to make profitable returns as guests will buy those items at home for family and friends.

You can create partnerships with local businesses and provide these items in your guest welcome pack.



Presentation is an art, you can deny the importance of presenting your products in a welcome pack. You can present in a basket or container based on your rental home ambiance. 

How you display the products is the secret of providing the best welcome pack. For example, you can provide woven baskets to present the products to your guests.

You can even use better decors like providing wooden boxes or copper boxes to add an aesthetic touch to your welcome pack.


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What’s better than creating a memorable experience? You can give an extraordinary guest experience, by doing just a little extra!

You can talk with local restaurants and amusement shops to provide discount coupons and vouchers for guests. This is a little expensive item that you will add to your welcome pack. But if you think about the positive results, it’s worth every penny.

You can provide discount coupons for beer, wine, or local delicacies. You can even talk with owners of entertainment clubs or sporting activities to provide discount coupons for your guests.