Reassure your guests and secure your future bookings

Reassure your guests and secure your future bookings
Praveen Content Writer

The travel industry is indeed suffering.Guests are unsure about their next vacation plans as a result of the situation created by COVID-19 and the pressure experienced by hosts are mounting but by taking certain measures you can definitely reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your hosting business and be ready for a bright future


Due to the uncertain situation at hand, guests are also dubious about what they might experience while embarking on their future reservations. Hosts can utilize this opportunity to convince guests that the situation is very much under control and give them reassurances, recommendations that are practical and also show genuine empathy towards them so that they can go ahead with their reservations confidently.


In this article we will put forward some ideas that you might find useful while treating your guests at your destination during this testing time

Don’t forget to share about your revised cleaning regime 

Cleanliness is more important than ever and has become the new norm. There are certain recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to revise your cleaning regime to maximize safety. Once you start practising the new cleanliness guidelines make sure to keep your guests informed about the same. You can do this by sending your guests a message before they arrive at your destination. 

Inform them on how you are executing your social distancing methods

Person to person contact has become a thing of dread due to the pandemic. People are very much concerned about social distancing. Therefore make it a point to keep your guests informed on how you are going to help them maintain social distancing by informing them about newly articulated features like self check-in, having a private entrance or minimal neighbours. 

Help your guests to revise their reservations 

Your guests might not be able to reach your destination for their reserved dates with all the shelter in place orders and travel advisories happening across the globe. This definitely doesn’t mean they have cancelled their holidays. They might be thinking about new dates. You can help them by reaching out to them and suggesting new dates that are ideal for both of you

Provide discounted rates for rebooking

The COVID-19 situation is sure to pass and once things, start getting back to normal people will again embark on an exploration spree. To add to that, we all are aware of the fact that the travel industry is quite resilient. Therefore there is no need to worry if you find an upcoming reservation fall through, as you can always give them discounted rates if they have a plan to reschedule by contacting them. This gesture will surely make your guests more than happy and they will definitely recommend or rebook your destination. This way you can secure your future booking and also make your guests more comfortable.


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Imagine yourself in the shoes of your guests 

Cancelling a holiday is a very disappointing act for many travellers and besides that your guests might also be experiencing the different brunts of COVID-19 in the form of a lost job, cancelled wedding or sickness of their loved ones. Resonate with their situation and try to show kindness and empathy, even if they are in the process of cancelling the dates with your destination. Trust me, they are sure to remember you the first thing once they start travelling again and sure to rebook your destination with no second thoughts. After all, who doesn’t want empathy and care at such trying times.


I hope this article will help you to reach out to your guests with the right attitude and reinstill their confidence in booking your property and also to develop better ways that can tackle the current travel scenario from the perspective of both hosts and guests. We all know that the travel industry is quite resilient and when it picks up pace you will be the first host that your guests remember.