How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Airbnb?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Airbnb
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Traveling across the world brings thrill in exploring different cultures and flavors. People find traveling is like rejuvenating themselves, as it holds a lot of charm we all demand. However, the major stress that travelers find is to get the perfect accommodations during their stay.

According to Statista, “The number of users accessing Airbnb is expected to reach 45.6 million users by 2022”.

Statistics of airbnb clone 2022

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The gig economy offers many investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, this motivates investors to build an app like Airbnb. To help you out, here we have mentioned the features, cost, and business model of an app like Airbnb.


Business Model of Airbnb


  • It charges a 3- 4% transaction fee from the owners on all the confirmed reservations.
  • Every guest needs to pay 6-12% as a booking fee, depending on their reservation.
  • Registered host members need to pay 3-5% fees for property listings.
  • 10% of service fees get deducted for all bookings by the host.
  • Fee for subscription or advertising to the travelers and property owners.


Key Features of Guest / Customer Application


Features of Guest-Host app Homestaydnn - Airbnb clone


Sign up/ Log in 

As you know, signup and login are common features in any app. While creating apps, ensure to provide signup using social media credentials for convenience.


Allow users to add their personal details like contact number, email ID, birth date, gender, address, and other relevant information.


Filters options work well for both host and guest accounts. For guests, a filter is used to search a suitable host and property. And host’s can list their property based on the location and budget.

Push notifications

Most businesses use this feature to promote their products or services by sending push notifications. For instance, it enables users to stay up-to-date with any deals, and offer, etc.

Booking history

This feature helps guests to view the history of their past bookings and process bookings from it effortlessly.

Add to favorites

With this feature, guests can bookmark any property and add it to their favorites. This helps guests to make reservations easier.

Map and navigation

You can’t neglect this feature in property booking businesses. This feature helps guests to reach their selected accommodation.

Room Variants

This helps users to find multiple options to book properties with basic information like description, location map, reviews & ratings, prices, cancellation rules, minimum booking period, and other amenities.

Refer & invite

This most popular social network integration feature allows users to refer services for friends and invite them to take up action.


This feature is quite similar in both guest and host apps, which allows them to communicate or share any photos, videos, and other related information.


A common feature available in the host and guest app panel, which enables users to send/receive the payments. You can integrate multiple payment options here.


Features of Host / Property Owner App



It is an important feature in the host app, where they can register required details like apartment type, the number of guests, and set pricing for the stay.


This guest panel feature allows hosts to receive instant notification on unchecked requests, any changes in booking, and more relevant details.


The host holds the right to check all requests initiated by travelers. And they can either accept or reject any requests in the dashboard.

Transaction history

A host can access the transaction history of selected time intervals. This helps to track workflow and retrieve any improvisations needed for boosting the marketing level.

Task management 

Automated tools and checklists for hosts to maintain the rental spaces and properties more efficiently. This makes the task management process faster and easier.


Features Of Admin Panel Dashboard


HomestayDNN Admin Panel Dashboard


Manage bookings 

Admin panel is responsible to control the overall booking, and track every activity going on. Admin can access complete information of bookings in a single window.

Manage users 

In required situations, the admin can even reject or block any user and host for malpractices. Only Admin holds the right to access user details which are highly secured. 

Manage promotions & gift cards

Admin dashboard provides direct access to offers and promotions which attracts users into your brand. This enables the admin to offer coupons and discounts based on user intent.

Manage New Listings

Admin panel helps you to manage new listings, reviews, and feedback. Admin will get instant notifications on any new listings which simplify your administration tasks.

Booking history

Admin can view booking history and download reports in order to keep track of payments. Integrated booking history is useful functionality for rental businesses.


Advanced Features to Develop an App like Airbnb  


Multiple language support

The perks of having multi-language support are that guests and hosts can communicate in any foreign language.

Currency converter

It helps both hosts and guests to convert their currency and find accurate prices to pay the bills effortlessly.

CRM Integration

This integration feature is one of the best ways to improve a brand’s customer interactions and relationship management. Apart from this, it can expand the functions of your software. 

Cloud environment 

Cloud solutions are the impeccable features that rental businesses can have in mobile applications. This allows businesses to manage large amounts of customer’s data hassle-free.

Live chat 

Give your customers the best support experience, and resolve their queries in real-time. The live chat features can boost your online sales and marketing significantly.


How to Create an App Like Airbnb?


Building an app like an Airbnb clone requires various specialists, here is a list of team members:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • QA engineer

A lot of modern technologies are required to build an app like Airbnb. Few important programming languages to consider are Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). In web development, you can find software engineers using JavaScript.


How Much Cost to Build an App like Airbnb?


Determine the cost to develop an app like an Airbnb clone can be a challenging task. Actually, it involves various factors, as some additional features can trigger your app cost. Moreover, the average cost to build an app like Airbnb ranges between $25,000 to $ 40,000+, but this cost can fluctuate depending on various specifications.


Final Gist!

Digital growth in the travel industry is most profitable for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to take their business forward. Since millennials embrace the NEW norms (digital space) around worldwide, it is the right time to transform your startup online.