Essential features to build car rental platform

Essential features to build car rental platform
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Car rental platform has emerged as a successful startup rental business. If you are planning to develop a car rental platform, here are the essential features to build a successful car rental script.

Business Model

The virtual fleet of vehicles is made from contributing owners who charge a fee for renting out their vehicles. Renters can pay only for the time they are using the vehicle. This business model comprises car bookings and charging a fee as a commission.

Revenue model

Here are some of the revenue-generating sources from your own car rental script


  • Booking fee Website owner or admin can charge a nominal booking fee on every car booking from renters.
  • Listing fee Website admin can charge for every car listing on their car rental website from car owners.
  • Banner ads and on-site car promotion Featured listing for car owners who are willing to pay extra money for showcasing their listing.
  • Subscription packages Monthly/Yearly subscription to digital products helps them to manage secure car listing (mobile app, GPS tracking, and more)
Types of Users


The car rental platform will have the following set of users


  • Car renter - users looking to hire car for rent in car rental portal. They do search for finding their desire car as per their requirements to rent. They get the car rent after giving proper details and the payment process.
  • Car owners - are the users who list the cars with features and price. When a renter books his car, he will get a notification with a booking request and payment protocol defined by the admin.
  • Admin - Car listing management to back end process, admin has full control over the website. Admin can also manage bookings and produce reports.


Website features of car rental software

UX and UI design factors

When it comes to website features, design and development come in first priority. Keep the concept of UX, UI factors while creating a website.

Social media logins

The login process should be simple in the car rental platform to get started in a few seconds. Social media login is preferred one with just one single sign up from one of the users social media logins. After login, the user can book instantly or contact owners of different vehicles meeting their criteria.

Search filters

Users may find it difficult to find their favorite car if there is no smart search filter option. Integrate the following filters to find relevant car results


  • Types of car
  • Pricing
  • Category
  • Extra features


Car pages

Your car page in the car rental platform should include


  • Car description
  • Images
  • Specification
  • Features
  • Availability


Mobile app

Most of the successful car rental platforms have their own mobile app to cater to smartphone users. It will help you to make your task effectively to connect with customers on the go.

Interactive statistics

The car rental apps give must have access to the real stats of information like fixed packages, time rates, surge pricing, and distances. It becomes easy once you get clear insights into business proceedings. 

Payment gateway

Payments gateways must have no transparency if your actual price varies from the one displayed while booking. Then it’s a big no-no! Also, you should integrate multiple payment options including online banking, debit/credit card, e-wallets, and UPI to make booking hassle-free.

Communication and notification   

The car rental platforms need to send timely notifications of every detail to the users. The notifications can be related to any booking information including details of the car and the price of rentals, etc.

CRM integration

Customer relationship management is an important feature for any application. It helps businesses to help the customers stay in touch with the support team and act on time to their queries. 

Multiple bookings

Under this feature, the users can easily make multiple bookings as per their requirements. Also, users can make their bookings from multiple locations within less time.

Custom packages

This feature is especially useful for retaining loyal customers and existing users. If they use the service of car rental service at least once, you can add them to custom packages through the app. As a result, users will prefer your brand over others.

Do you want a car rental platform that has all the listed features?  Whatever your business requirements only professionals will Develop MVP for car rental software. Get in touch with our technical team to solve your queries in developing a car rental platform.