How to develop MVP for car rental software

How to develop MVP for car rental software
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Online car rental business is very diverse by itself. You can include variety of essential features in your web and app and even offer other services besides renting car. Best way to start successful car rental business is beginning from basic features, test and analyze the results.

Here is the template to plan your online car rental software business

Evaluate the business model

Know the segment analysis and make it applicable in developing car rental script.

Identify the basic features to build car rental platform

Essential features to include in developing your product

Remember before beginning, your aim is to create a strong client base to promote your online rental platform. It’s important to have all the basic features in building your car rental script. However, it’s not necessary to include high functionality and features which your user doesn’t look for.

Create a strong MVP product incorporated with all essential features and functionalities to compete with competitors in the rental marketplace.

Evaluating business idea

Take your time and think whether there is demand for your product in market. You should know how to bring values to potential users in this competitive niche market.

Competitor analysis

Market size

Geographical coverage (Local/International business)

Potential audience size

Competitor’s product features

Remember the audience is your main point and know how your product different from competitors that make your customer’s lives better.

Segment analysis

Segment analysis helps you to divide customers into groups according to their behavior, lifestyle, interest, budget and more. After choosing which segment to serve, you can proceed with building a business model for car rental script.

Car rental software script features

Prioritize the list of features

This is an important stage in developing car rental platform for your business. Arrange the features according to their priority and define the scope of the work.

Highlighting features

  • Unlimited car listing and booking
  • Hourly rental
  • Instant car booking options
  • Internal messaging system
  • Driver information (with or without driver)
  • Calendar management system
  • Host cancellation


  • Registration using social media
  • Car booking
  • E-mail notifications
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Past and current reservations
  • Payment details


  • Manage the Users
  • Manage the Listings, Booking, Commission
  • Accept/Decline Reservation

According to the basic estimation, the average time needed to build MVP for car rental software script is 1500 +hours depending on the complexity of functions. If you are looking to develop car rental software platform for your online rental business talk with our experts. MyCarRentalSoft car rental software helps you to launch your own MVP of car rental management software. We also offer customization as per the business requirements of car rental entrepreneurs.