9 Benefits of having an own vacation rental website

9 Benefits of having an own vacation rental website
Praveen K Content Writer

By 2021, the vacation rental market is said to reap rewards of around $ 194 billion. Considering this, business owners who have already listed their properties in listing sites like Airbnb, to gain more popularity and profits should definitely have their own vacation rental website to increase their visibility from what they already have now


Managing properties or property for that matter can prove to be quite an uphill task but having your own website can help to make your operations more streamlined and meticulous. In this article we will take a look at how having your own website can help boost your vacation rental business 


1. Get more control over your bookings through direct transactions


Receive direct bookings! Meaning, you can get rid of third-party fees like host or transaction commissions. Also, according to reports, 65% of guests want to book their properties directly from a vacation rental website to avoid any hidden charges.


2. Zero dependencies on listing sites  


Listing sites have become very powerful and they charge commissions from both you and the customer. By having your own vacation rental website you can get back the lost control over your business. It also expands your marketing efforts and helps you reach customers never thought possible before. Moreover, you can run your business in your own terms.


3. Have more freedom to run your business 


Limitations can hamper your growth and there is no doubt to the fact that your hands are tied when you list your business on third-party sites. By having your own website you can get the full freedom to exercise your choices, like for example adding more images to your homepage. Your decisions are not restricted.


4. Make your operations meticulous


Listing your property across many channels can only mean one thing, loads of confusion and also chances of double bookings. Avoid this, by having your own website. You can streamline all your calendars, booking requests, payment status from a single place. You can also hire an efficient channel manager who will take care of organizing your listings. All you need to do now is lay back, once you merge your availability calendar with your rental software and see for yourself how your listings are automatically updated. 


5. Know the boons of automation 


In your business, there will be many tasks that are repetitive. Your own vacation rental website assists you automate these tasks to improve your overall productivity by giving you the option to integrate automation tools. Many sales and management processes like communication with customers and marketing post-pandemic, confirming the payment status, etc can be easily automated. Also, a good amount of time can be saved by using autoresponders and canned responses to regular inquiry emails, helping you save time.


6. Showcase your expertise


You can create your own page of all the positive reviews received from your guests. You can also showcase the digital badges to increase your reputation among your customers. You can showcase your expertise and improve your business by gaining the trust of customers worldwide.


7. The credibility factor


Having your own website adds to your credibility. Customers may opt-out of booking your property just because of the fact that you don’t have your own website. Having your own website can do a world of good to your online trust factor.


8. Better branding


 Having your own website adds more value to your brand. If you want your business to be acknowledged around the globe it is always best to have your own website as this helps in giving consistency to your brand and will help your business to stand out from the rest. Make your business a brand and not just yet another commodity. 


9. Its an easy process


Business owners are worried about the efforts and money that goes into the making of their own website, as a result of which they put it off to a later date. Nowadays, there is many white-label vacation rental software that helps you to launch your own website in a cost-effective way, and to add to that you can also customize your website.




There are reasons enough to launch your own vacation rental website. Right from controlling your business more easily to making more profits, having your own website can make a world of difference to your business operations. So what are you waiting for, contact us today itself and launch your own vacation rental website to open a new world of possibilities?