Ways to increase the visibility of vacation rental website

11 Ways to increase the visibility of your vacation rental website
Aswathy Blogger

Thinking of investing a lot of money into marketing and communication in order to achieve more visibility online? Well, this article will help you discover inexpensive techniques to improve the visibility of your vacation rental on the internet.

A website plays a vital role in bringing bookings and running your business in the long term. There are several free inexpensive ways in which you can boost the visibility of your vacation rental online. 

Have your own vacation rental website

Your website defines your online face. Having your own website in this digital world is crucial as it helps you ubiquitous visibility anywhere in the world. And the more visible you are, the more bookings you earn. Your website is the first touchpoint with your guests, but many vacation rental owners still depend upon solely listing sites.  

Prioritize the amenities that enhance the guest experience

Renting your property and earning prospective guests is not as easy as it seems. The best way to keep them on a long-term basis is to clearly brief about any special features on your website. This should make sense for the users to understand the benefits of your rental and the reasons to choose. This way, you can increase conversion rates.

Identify your target market

The best way to optimize your message and establish your brand positioning is to correctly set up your guest targeting. By defining your target market, you will be able to respond as effectively as possible to the demand of your audience, draw more attention, and as a result, have more visibility and guest loyalty. Identifying a particular customer that combines the ideal characteristics of your vacation rental and the services you offer is ideal than focusing on everyone. In this way, you can focus on the expectations and specific motives of customers, as well as be more responsive to their needs.

SEO is vital

SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. SEO is an inevitable factor for your visibility. It is important to know that when you search anything on google, the results will show as a list of different websites. There is no way these are ranked.

They have been selected according to their SEO and are the sites that Google considers relevant and most searched by the audience.

You can easily get more visits if your page ranks higher. Being in the top positions is not enough if you are not getting better clicks. For that, you need a strong online presence and an appealing website to catch the eyes of customers.

Keep posting on relative groups and forums

Be a part of communities and groups where people ask for vacation rental platforms and go for a word of advice. Share your know-how and find potential customers. Be honest and don’t try to spam!

Create a blog

Vacation rental blogs are indeed a great way of providing information to website users. These are part of successful content marketing. Having a blog allows you to share regular content with the target audience. A blog can help your website rank higher in google search results with optimized keywords and SEO. Internal linking between your blog posts can also help to increase the bounce rate and keep your readers on your pages for a long. 

The quality of the photo matters


Ensure high-resolution photos and captions which not only gives a positive impact but also expands your SEO by inserting the right keywords when you name your images. Posting these photos on social media can also bring an impact and create more traffic. As the quality of the photos is essential for showing your vacation rental, they should be appealing and more professional looking. The title and description of the photos should be impactful, realistic and should be paying attention to keywords and SEO.

Be on social media

Social media is the best tool for attracting guests. This is the best way to reach new potential guests and convince them of buying your vacation rental software.  

Add social media buttons to your website to make sharing your content easily. Social media helps you to communicate more easily with your guests. 

Allow website translation


If you are on your website optimization, keep in mind that a website localized into multiple languages can increase traffic. Localization can help to gain a wider audience from more countries and ends up with direct booking from your website.

Create a google my business page


You can also create a google my business page to improve your local visibility. It allows your business to show up on google and on google maps. This service is intended for all types of businesses, especially those with a focus on local services or activities.

Build partnerships

Partnering with other companies can bring more traffic to your website and increase more visibility for your brand. You can offer discounts for additional services while your partners simultaneously promote your brand to their customers. In this way, partnerships with local businesses can help increase your website’s visibility.

Participate in trade fairs

Keep an eye out for vacation rental industry-specific conferences. Observe the competitors, seek partnerships and gain more visibility. This is an opportunity for networking and spreading the word about your vacation rental.  

Share videos on youtube


This is one of the best ways to get more bookings and engagements on your website. Optimizing the video titles with local keywords and providing your website link in the video description is also essential. Videos are more effective than images or words.

Final thoughts 

There are many other steps you can take to help your website’s visibility. By putting these into practice and by carrying out regular updates to your website you will get to see an improvement in your website visibility. Keep an eye on our blog for more in-depth details and industry knowledge on vacation rental platforms.