8 Must-have amenities checklist for every vacation rentals

8 Must-have amenities checklist for every vacation rentals
Praveen K Content Writer

Do you want your guest to return to your property? Then, you should definitely take care of providing them with great amenities. Depending upon the location and type of property that you offer and also based on the guests you host, you should plan on rolling out the amenities because guests really are bothered about the amenities that you provide and it really contributes in making your rental property stand apart from the rest

Let us now take a look at what an amenity means, it is the feature of a property that provides comfort, convenience and enjoyment to the guests who use your property

And to add to the importance of providing great amenities, a survey by Airbnb found out that around 97% of US travellers claimed that amenities affect their holiday decisions 

Here are some of the amenities that travellers are looking for in your property 

1. No time restrictions on check-ins

24-hour check-ins are a great way to impress your guests, as they will feel more at ease with their holiday plans. You can have an automated check-in system for this and let the guests take care of the rest.

2. Uninterrupted and fast connectivity

Having an uninterrupted i-Fi connection is something that you should give extra attention to. As not having enough connectivity can be a huge put off for most of the guests and may result in bad review if you have not mentioned it before in your online portals.Here are some tips for vacation rental hosts

3. Television services 

Guests might not use them but they will definitely lookup for this amenity. To make it ideal provide them with the cable services on smart tv with access to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu so that they can access any type of news and also entertainment.

4. A good sound system

Provide your guests with a good surround sound system in the living room so that they can enjoy their favourite music and watch movies with an incredible experience.

5. Literature and DVD’s 

Not all guests might be keen on Netflix or Amazon prime, some might be interested in enjoying their vacation with a book in hand or watching their favourite movies. So make sure you provide a good collection of books and DVD’s so that guests can enjoy them.

6.Provide gaming options

Bigger families with kids will be excited about playing games on PlayStations. You can also provide different games for your guests to make their vacation even more memorable.

7.Enough sources of local information 

Make sure to provide sources of local information like recommended local restaurants and cafes so that your guests will not have a hard time finding them. Also, give them information on local sights that are famous like national parks or historical monuments. 

8.Have a good stock of adapters and chargers

Most of the guests will carry them but in case they lose their mobile chargers or adapters you can provide them with one if you have your own stock. This will definitely please your guests as they can continue with their communications with near and dear ones.


Providing good amenities should definitely be at the forefront when you design your property rentals. In this article, I have added some of the amenities if not all that should definitely be taken care of by property and vacation rental owners. Taking care of these amenities and providing them to your guests will definitely make your guests happy and they are sure to return to your property the next time. They might also recommend your property to their friends and relatives bringing you new business and revenue!