Vacation Rental Tips for Hosts

Vacation Rental Tips for Hosts
Kiruthika Blogger

Be that successful super host whose property is always on demand! Now that you have finally found a suitable vacation rental platform to list your property, the next big step will be to become a successful host and earn the extra income a little extra. We have jotted down a few tips to get yourself prepared to be a successful host.

  • Communication is the key
  • Welcome book
  • Arrival List
  • Pre-Briefing
  • Inform the Unexpected
  • Safety of your Guest
  • Local Community

Communication Is The Key

                When a guest books your property, start your communication with the guests by accepting their request as soon as possible. Once after accepting the booking request, keep your communication often with the guests to ensure you care about your guests and care for their hassle-free stay in your property.

Welcome Book

                The welcome book will be your best friend when you can’t be physically present at the property the time your guest will arrive. Start with a friendly welcome gesture to your guests followed by a list of activities, cafes, functional things a guest can use in the property, etc. This will help your guests to know a little more about your property.

Arrival List

                Prepare your guests with a list of mandatory things they will need to bring along with them before their arrival. A valid ID proof, any other special items they require, etc should be informed to the guests before their arrival. 


                Before the property is set out for your guest, give a clear picture of the idea to your guests about what they can expect from the property prior to their arrival. If some of your guests are international traveler, they may need more of the items to stay than the local travelers would. Anticipating the travelers, you can make their stay comfortable by pre-briefing the travelers.

Inform the Unexpected

                The chances are relatively high your guest has actually enquired about the weather conditions, temperature ranges, modes of transport, etc about your place before making the bookings. Still, let your guests know what can be possible unexpected changes one can face as a challenge and prepare them for the best.

Safety of Your Guest

                Safety of your guest is utmost important. By working out a few things, you can prevent some of the common safety problems of your guest. Maintain a hygienic and clean property since some of your guests could be allergic to dust or any of the food you will be offering. Get to know your guests by communicating with them and maintain a healthy and safe property for your guests.

Local Community

                Guide your guests with few tips about your locality, neighbors and local rules to be followed by the guests until they stay in your property.

Being a good host will give you good ratings and your property exposure for the users to instantly like and book your property.