5 Reasons to Offer Luggage Storage Options to Guests

Here are the top 5 reasons that state why property management businesses must provide luggage storage options for their guests. 
SAJITHA BANU Content Writer

Most of the property management companies are struggling to provide luggage storage space for each customer, as the guests demand before checking or after checkout. One of the common problems that rental property owners are facing today is insufficient common spaces to allocate for guest luggage. This troublesome situation leaves customers to feel inconvenient while traveling with a large amount of luggage. 

As every customer prefers to explore their destination hands-free without carrying any suitcases or big backpacks wherever they go. To meet such customer demands, and offer a better experience for your guests, you can make use of luggage storage solutions available in the marketplace that reduces the burden of property management companies. 

Here are the top 5 reasons that state why property management businesses must provide luggage storage options for their guests


1. Engage your guests happy

Are you thinking about how offering luggage storage options can boost your business? Just think from the perspective of your guests, they have check-out time at 12 am, but their flight got delayed for some reason. In such a scenario, they will be stressing too much to handle all their luggage. 

However, they may have some alternate things to explore or just go sightseeing in the meantime. In order to gain good feedback from your guest, ensure to fix or solve their issues. Ensure to offer luggage storage options for your guests, which helps them to store their luggage in major locations of the city. 

You can offer this service with an additional fee or free of cost, but the end result can make a remarkable difference in your business. As you know, happy customers lead to better ratings and reviews in google searches.


2. Ideal Time-saver option

If you are a property owner, you might have experienced repeated guest requests regarding luggage storage options. It’s actually a time-consuming process and can make you exhausted to provide all their needs in time. 

In such cases, by partnering with the ideal property management company, you can simply relax as they can provide necessary solutions to your guests much more conveniently. This option is hassle-free and the most trusted among many rental businesses, as it’s convenient for both retail owners and their guests.


3. To stay ahead of competitors 

In any rental business that matters,  providing extra solutions that your competitors don’t offer is like a goldmine to uplift your business. For instance, imagine guests are looking for rental properties that provide luggage storage options primarily, and you have a solution for it. 

Then, guests will ultimately choose your property to enjoy the perks, leaving other companies that don’t offer such amenities.

Moreover, offering these extra perks can be beneficial than you could ever imagine. Even if your guests are not looking for luggage storage options, then will reconsider you being unsure of their departure or to deal with last-minute flight delays. 

No guests will like to explore places with heavy weighing luggage in hand while they are in a new city, so they will choose your property to store their bags with such thoughts.


4. It offers a robust and hassle-free solution 

Most of the property management companies are not aware of the benefits and ease of having luggage storage solutions in their business operations. Because they think it’s a complex task to handle all those integration processes. 

In fact, these luggage storage options are very robust, smooth and hassle-free to help property managers to integrate this software easily. You can easily direct your guests to luggage storage venues by following just a few steps with proper integration.


5. Safe & Secured option 

The major reason that property management companies don’t encourage providing luggage storage options is the fear of taking more responsibilities. For instance, if there is any theft or any risks to deal with guests' belongings. To deal with such risks, most of the luggage storage companies offer insurance for their customers to replace the stolen or theft items. 

This assurance helps property managers to deal with the situation even better without any fear of taking reimbursements in their heads. By providing luggage storage options, you get high chances to offer a better customer experience as it's one of the easy steps to reach success further. 


The bottom line 

If you are looking for Vacation rental solutions to provide a better experience for your guests, try to integrate a property management solution into your business. As it offers a wide range of options for businesses and saves their time by streamlining towards growth. Integrate the best in class property management solution for your rental business with Homestaydnn today!