11 tips to Manage your vacation rentals remotely

11 tips to Manage your vacation rentals remotely
Praveen K Content Writer

Remote management of your rental property is definitely possible and can be successfully executed. Many vacation rental owners opt to buy and manage a property remotely for various reasons. Let’s look at how to manage your vacation rental remotely.


1. A plan for the lockdown 

With a proper plan in place for a lockdown or pandemic, you can tackle the unprecedented situation more easily. Make a plan of what you want to achieve.

Some goals


  • Minimizing the spread of infection for your staff and guests

  • Controlling the effect of pandemic and maintaining the business activities

  • Communicating with staff and guests very clearly

  • Composed leading without panic

Also, structure your remote team wisely and give decision-making powers to the right people. Empowering the right people to take decisions plays a crucial part as they will be the ones to decide on when to take action. Give importance to documentation as it will help to increase the efficiency of remote work.


2. Use a vacation rental software  

A vacation rental software is a right step to managing your property remotely. You can get more bookings and at the same time manage your property from anywhere. This step is also essential in keeping your website up to date. Make your property up to date online by answering the guest queries and reviews and also by showcasing the latest photos of your property. These are all time-consuming tasks that can be done easily if you have good vacation rental software in place.


3. Check-in and check-out automation 

Just imagine your guests are arriving late or not leaving on time. Automated check-in and check-out are just what you need to greet your guests remotely. Some of the ways in which you can implement this feature through Wi-Fi door locks, lockbox, electronic locks, smart locks.


4. The boons of home automation tools

Home automation systems are a perfect way to welcome your guests and also to monitor your property remotely. You will be notified of the different functioning systems of your property so that you can control it remotely like lighting, AC’s thermostats, etc. In case of excessive noise apps like NoiseAware will send notifications to your mobile phones so that you can take action before your neighbors poke into the matter. Save electricity and heating bills by using this system remotely 


5. The importance of security

This is one aspect you should take extra care of since you are managing your property remotely and it will be vacant between stays by guests. You can implement it by placing good quality surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and burglar alarms.


6. Keep in touch with local contractors   

Keep in touch with a local plumber, electrician, handyman, etc to meet the needs of your property maintenance. This way they can look into an emergency like a power shortage while you manage your property remotely.



7. Find a good cleaning service provider

Especially after COVID-19, the expectation that guests have around cleanliness measures will be very high. Therefore hiring a professional cleaning service provider will be the ideal thing to do since they will make your property neat and clean in a very professional way


8. Hire a property manager

Hiring a property manager will be an ideal step since you are managing your property remotely and your property manager can represent you in your absence to provide an excellent service to guests and also to take care of the property


9. Property marketing

Market your property by having your own website, SEO, listing on OTA’s, through blogs, social media, and email campaigns. Know more about the amenities checklist for vacation rentals. 


10. The aspect of a Welcome Book

A Welcome book can really create a great impression for your guests even if you are not there to personally welcome them. You can add the local recommendations here and also details about the transportation methods etc. This can really contribute to the increase in guests returning to your property


11. Keep the communication alive

Make your guests feel at home and communicate with them regularly so that they don’t feel alienated.



Managing your vacation rental property remotely is not at all tough. With the availability of the latest technologies, you can easily manage your property from far. In the future, it will not be a thing of a surprise if remote management brings in more revenue for rental owners. It is still too early to forecast anything but let us wait and watch to see the change that remote management will bring about in the vacation rentals sector.