Success Made with Homestaydnn - Airbnb Clone

Launching a cost-effective platform like airbnb, that offers flexible booking options for various spaces.

Executive Summary

Client needs an online rental platform which is based on hourly booking as well as weekly booking. Additionally, they want to customize the revenue model by adding few more revenue models.

Client Objectives

The startup requires an online rental platform in which a user can list any kind of spaces like a hotel, an event or party venue, workspace, retail space and production sites. The users can book the listing (spaces) in flexible options like hourly based, day based and weekly based. Each user can search their listing either based on hour or day.

In turn the site admin wants to earn revenue from additional ways such as cleaning fee and additional guest fee.


  • Improvised the design based on the business logic
  • Modified the search option as “Hourly” and “Daily”
  • Modified the filter option as rooms, event space, work space, retail space, production space , wellness space and entertainment
  • Integrated additional payment gateway's – “7-connect” and “Dragon pay”
  • Flexible booking options like Daily Package price, Hourly package price
  • Minimum hour booking constraints to maintain a standard pricing and commission for the listings
  • Hourly cleaning buffer time
  • Updated revenue model, which includes cleaning fee and additional guest fee


We delivered an online space rental website which can offer rooms, event space, work space, wellness space on flexible booking options. The client can target different kinds of audience under one platform as well as an end-user can rely on a single platform for different needs.

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