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Outstanding itinerary planner for an Indian based vacation rental platform

Executive Summary

An Indian based vacation rental platform requires an airbnb like website which offers advanced search options and itinerary planner which is different from airbnb. They wanted to maintain the credibility of their platform by implementing a trust and verification system between host and guest.

Client Objectives

The client needs a vacation rental website which let the users to list, search and book their staying. They want to provide advanced search options like “search by multiple-locations” and “search nearby places”. Above all the platform should have the feature called “Itinerary planner” for multiple-booking.


  • Modified the website theme based on their functionalities
  • Added search option called “Search by multiple-locations”. If a user search for multiple locations then he can view the list multiple properties along with the distance between those property and estimated time taken to travel to those properties.
  • Included another search option called “search nearby Places”, it shows the list of hospitals, restaurants, banks etc based on the search location.
  • Modified the property listings by including multiple listings for a single property. A host can list more than one accommodation on a single property.
  • Modified filter option in terms of listing category. A guest can search for a property by using the filter option such as “Adult”, “Infant”, “Child”.
  • “Atom” payment gateway integration
  • Trust and verification for host by ID verification
  • Itinerary Planner allows the guest to book multiple properties in different location at the same time


We deliver a full-fledged vacation rental website with advanced search and filter options. The itinerary planner becomes one of the user-friendly features in this platform, which allows the guest to book multiple properties in different locations. This made them to standout from the competition.

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