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Executive Summary

The client needs an airbnb like platform not for hosting properties but only for hosting “Activities” (like Airbnb’s experience module). The host can list activities which last for few hours or for few days the user can request to book the experience according to the time schedules.

Client Objectives

The client needs a single login access for both host and user. A guest can request to a host for conducting related activities through “request to book” option. Reviews, disputes, cancellation and refund policies should effectively managed by the admin.


  • Implemented Multi Language (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Enables a user to switch between their host profile and their user profile using a single login.
  • Included a field called “Budget” in search filter
  • Refund policy-The host will get refund based on the cancellation policies
  • Ratings and dispute management- Reviews and disputes will be published once the admin verifies it
  • Verification system - Each user should completes the Verification method by means of Email


To simply a put, we delivered a simple platform like “Airbnb Experience” in which a host can list any kind of “Activities” and the user can book the activity using “request to book” option.

We helped them to execute their business operations by developing an application with streamlined design and functionality which yields best user-base and make them to expand their business.

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