Things you can’t miss while developing Airbnb Clone Script

Things you can’t miss while developing Airbnb Clone Script
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The evolution of Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry by providing affordable stay options. The Airbnb platform brings together hosts and customers seeking a stay during their travel and it has become a boon for travelers. This has also led to an increase in the supply of cheap travel accommodations helping people reduce the cost of their travel. Rental scripts and Airbnb clones have emerged as an easy way to launch an online rental platform in a short span of time.

Several entrepreneurs build and launch their own rental service platforms using Airbnb clone scripts. They also help individual property owners build an online presence and attract more guests to their property. On the customer front, they get an opportunity to avail a rental stay or space at an affordable rate. The owner of the property has the option to rent either the whole property as such or rent a few rooms in the property.

Airbnb clone script has tools for managing multiple property owners and customers at the same time.

Above all, the success of an Airbnb clone script depends on the features and functionalities included in the application. The blog endeavors to list out some of the key features that one must consider while building an Airbnb clone script.

  • Advanced search options

The Airbnb clone script must let the user search and pick a property that best matches their requirements. The search section should have advanced sorting and filter options so customers can narrow down their choices easily. There are chances that the user may choose to abandon the platform altogether if they do not find what they require.

  • Easy registration and login

Studies suggest that customers choose to abandon the application when they find it hard to register themselves on the app. Always ensure that you request only the most important details. You may also provide options of logging in through their social media accounts like Instagram, and Facebook or email services like Gmail.

  • Structured payment splits

This is perhaps the most important step to lure more property owners and motivate them to register their property on the Airbnb clone rental script. The application should render transparent, systematic ways for splitting the revenue between property owners and the application providers.

  • Reviews, ratings, and recommendations

The online rental platform built using the Airbnb clone script should let customers offer reviews and recommendations. When a customer performs a search, the platform should suggest the most popular properties in and around the area of their search. This would help customers identify the properties that are proven to offer a good value for the cost.

  • Push notifications

The Airbnb clone rental script should have the ability to push notifications frequently to the property owners as well as to the customers who have subscribed to using the platform. This way the platform gets an opportunity to stay connected to the customers as well as to push offers, deals, discounts, coupons, and many more. By doing so, the application provider shall ensure that the offers and deals reach the target customers.

  • Real-time tracking

The vacation rental software built using Airbnb clone scripts should have the ability to maintain a record of the upcoming trips and push notifications accordingly. This way, the application provider shall offer a hassle-free, seamless experience for the user.

  • Flexible modes of payment

As a vacation rental provider, it is important to build credibility and trust in the minds of the customers. Make sure that the Airbnb clone script allows customers to avail secure, flexible modes of payment including credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, UPI, etc.  This would improve the credibility of the Airbnb rental clone script, the experience of the user on the platform, and of course, retain them for longer.

  • Business Dashboard

The Airbnb rental clone script should have a dashboard of the number of bookings, earnings, revenue share, upcoming bookings, booking history, and other analytical insights for the property owners. On the other hand, the customers should have the ability to view their upcoming trips, booking history, ratings and reviews, transactions, etc. on the dashboard. The platform owner should have the option to monitor all transactions and derive insights and analytics from the same.

  • Admin control and features 

The admin or the owner of the Airbnb rental clone script should have the control to validate, manage, and add listings and properties to the platform. The admin should not endure any limitations in adding and managing properties for an enhanced experience.

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