Rise of Airbnb for X Business Model

Rise of Airbnb for X Business Model
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Airbnb most valued sharing economy platform at $13 Billion has created ecosystems for startups looking to offer services to hosts and guests. Both of them are becoming more sophisticated in operating their rental needs. Airbnb is an online marketplace connecting travelers with local hosts. The platform enables people to list their available space and earn extra income in renting out their spaces. It enables travelers to book unique home stays from local hosts and saving money and interact with local hosts.

Airbnb for X

Airbnb for X business models has created great impact on the online rental marketplace. With its 's business model themes you can take your first step towards developing your own online rental marketplace. It could be car rentals, boat rentals, space rentals, equipment rentals and much more. With over 60K+ listings and 50% bookings growth monthly, the peer to peer accommodations marketplace is raising to million in funding. When a user adopts one collaborative consumption services like airbnb other consumption services are also preferred such as car renting and booking needs.

The airbnb for x business model can probably enter many other business verticals. Many startups are borrowing from this business model to further develop the sharing economy platform. Airbnb for x is a white label service that allows anybody to start their own customizable marketplace for sharing or renting anything on the go. An online rental platform like Airbnb should provide the following features to make sure all aspects of efficient service delivery to customers.

Benefits of the online rental marketplace – Airbnb for X

  • Sharing economy
  • Improved visual searches
  • Community Building through ratings and reviews
  • Secure payment services
  • Space availability information

Sharing Economy

The idea of making full use of unused spaces available at hand and earning extra income with it is the sole concept behind “Sharing Economy” or peer to peer marketplace.

Improved visual searches

Enhancing visual searches offers users ease of looking for their desired service in a preferred location with no issues.

Secured payment services

Payments should be done on the website by allowing users to complete the transactions online. To get user credibility and developing trust between people who seek to make use of rental services is very important. In order to build or create a website like Airbnb or Airbnb for X, it’s important to make an option available for completing monetary transactions online on the website itself.

Community building (Ratings and Reviews)

Such rental websites like Airbnb are largely built by leveraging customer trust and word of mouth is the most trusted way of building credibility among the community.

Space availability information

Users can find the right information about unused space availability while searching for accommodation for their vacation rental needs. Airbnb for X is one such successful business model to build and start powerful online rental marketplace to offer online rental services. If you are looking to develop or create online rental marketplace such as airbnb for car rentals, Equipment rentals, Space rentals, Boat rentals, Contact expert today.