Importance of Welcome Book in your Vacation Rental Platform

Importance of Welcome Book in your Vacation rental platform
Kiruthika Blogger

So are you one of those people who have few properties under you or on the way to running a Vacation rental platform like Airbnb? If the answer is yes, then you may have even thought of owning the best airbnb clone for your website. No doubt renting out properties or being an admin for the vacation rental platform is a great way to make income but it’s also obvious that it requires hard work.

Once you are set up with everything and your property is listed or lots of property listed in your website, the next step as a property owner or as an instruction to the property owners, you should always have – Welcome Book for your vacation rental property.

When it comes to vacation rental business, you deny that a welcome process is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to creating a strong foundation for your new business and give your guests a wonderful experience. After you rent your property, you know your guests will arrive and to make their trip memorable, it is essential to provide a welcome book where they can easily find anything they need. The welcome book also helps your guests with the tips which will make their trips memorable. The welcome book is not important just for guests, but also for you if you want to avoid any panicked phone calls from your guests in the early morning or late night for any practical information.

Let’s get into the ideas to include in your vacation rental welcome book.

Welcome Information

The first and the foremost section of any welcome book should be greeting your guests. Greetings make the guests feel special which will have the first good impression. In case you are the one who is usually not home to greet your guests, this will help incase of an automated check-in.

Information on Arrival & Departure

It is always good to send the arrival and departure information along with the welcome book over email. This should include directions to your home from the airport or train/bus stations or any other additional information on how the guest can reach your property. Mention if you are flexible in check-in and check-out rules, etc.

Guide for Activities

Give your guests the recommendations about the activities they can try in your locality or include your personal favorite things to do near your rental.

Guide for Eating and drinking

Just as giving recommendations on activities, give your recommendations and details about the places where the guests can find the best places to satisfy their hunger. Any popular dish in your area or popular restaurant and spots which a guest may want to try out can be included in the welcome book. Try to also include phone numbers of those spots too.

About Property

Since all the property is different and varies, give your guests details about your property like about Wifi, television, DVD, swimming pool, etc. Don’t forget to mention if something, in particular, is expected from the guests while their stay in the property.

The Extra Important Details

Though this section might be the last in a welcome book, this will definitely create a good impression on your guests. Fill this section with details of nearby ATM’s, gas Station, Hospitals, Taxi services, etc. leaving all this extra information will help the guest within easy reach and will make stay more comfortable and stress-free.

The Bottom Line to Conclude

        Never forget that just letting your property for rent in a vacation rental platform is never enough. If you want frequent guests and for your property to have more guests, then satisfying guests with comfortable stay is also important.