How to make your vacation rental website ready for Google search

How to make your vacation rental website ready for Google search
Praveen Content Writer

Getting results for travel on Google is easier than using metasearch sites. The Google hotel ads feature is also around for many years now. Travelers just need to search a city and the hotel and they will be acknowledged with all the available options.


Whether you are on mobile or desktop the best value travel packages can be found with Google and it is not going to change in the near future


The Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA), along with Google was beta testing a new service that also includes the vacation rentals in the accommodation searches


Within the initial one year of the implementation of the new beta program, the OPMA saw a generation of $ 1.2 million in revenue.


So Google has added the vacation rental search to its hotel search results since then and now owners and property managers are eager to know more about the factors that make their property appear in Google vacation rental search results as a listing. In this article we will take a look at exactly that


On Google, why should your vacation rentals have a place?


The most important reason, Google has included vacation rental properties into its hotel search domain. Which means your rental properties will be displayed in Google maps and search results together with hotels.



Google Vacation Rental

Property managers around the world can access their guests through Google search or maps only by partnering with their software and for more brand visibility, bookings and revenue, it is a must that you have a prominent place in Google as most of your potential customers search here for their requirements.

Benefits of getting a place in Google 

The global presence that your property will have is the most important benefit of listing in Google. The search engine provides you visibility like nowhere else. Since most of your potential guests are searching in Google your property would be in line to generate more revenue. You will also receive direct bookings as no commissions are charged by Google for sending travellers to your property.

Process of vacation rental display by Google 

Based on OTA listing

The rental listings are not displayed directly on the main results page but instead in the Google hotel ads search results. Travellers can filter the option of “vacation rentals” instead of hotels here. It is important to note that these results will showcase only listings from OTA’s that are partners with Google. The partner sites include Expedia,, NextPax, RedAwning, Rentals United, TripAdvisor, VRBO etc. The search results for vacation rentals will be showcased with a comparison shop and a map view on the side indicating the general location and price. You have to note that the exact location of your property will not be mentioned in Google but will be showcased after the booking is confirmed.


Google travelTravellers can also filter their search according to their special requirements, in which case only rentals having a certain guest rating, number of bedrooms and amenities will be displayed. So make sure to tick the boxes of your listing which includes kid friendly facility, free Wi-Fi, Pool etc.

Vacation rental website  


In the vacation rental results of Google hotel search, your own website won’t be displayed. It can be displayed in the Google search results page and on Google maps when guests seek for rental properties in a particular location. Know how to get more direct bookings on your website

By clicking the Maps or more places, travellers can see the entire list and filter out the rating of the rental properties they want to see. A direct website link is also there, which when they click on one of the listings will showcase the contact information, opening hours, images, Google street views and reviews.


your website

Making your website ready for Google vacation rentals  

For your vacation rental to appear in Google you will have to create a business profile on GoogleMyBusiness. Some other factors are:-


For each rental property have seperate URL


All your properties may be listed in the same website but make sure that they have their own URL. This enables Google to mark them as separate rental properties and sort them out in search results.


Clean URL’s 


It is important to create URL that is easy for humans read, comprehend and type. Search engines ignore URL that are dirty, containing too many question marks or other similar parameters affecting your ranking in vacation rental search results. It is also bad for your websites SEO


Your GoogleMyBusiness listing should be optimized and verified  


Owners will have to be on Google My Business in order to grab the attention of the search engine. 


The need for an SSL certified website 

Google does not make friends with websites that are not secure. So ensuring that your website has security certificates like HTTPS and SSL encryption will help you to show up better on Google and have better protection for guest’s data from hackers or cyber attacks. This will ensure a booking process much easier and safer for all.

The Value of Google vacation rentals for OTA’s

With the entry of Google into the vacation rental market, the advertising costs of big listing giants will be affected. 

At present, OTA’s have complete control over the first paid and organic search results. 

The comparison provided by Google will mean that guests can easily find cheap and best places to stay. This is great news for property owners as there are no third party service charges and guests can avail properties at reduced rates as they are booking directly. 

To wrap up

Guests are already aware of the boons of booking directly from vacation rental websites. With Google entering the vacation rental market, rapid changes are bound to happen in this sector and OTA’s will have to braze themselves for a change in their approach to the existing business model.