How to build successful rental startup like airbnb

How to build successful rental startup like airbnb
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Airbnb has become a popular vacation rental platform to bring a great traveling experience. This extremely popular vacation rental space has become a true community with enormous options for business people & Global travelers. The success story of Airbnb and its journey make the most for establishing a profitable startup business in a vacation rental. Here I have shared the future of vacation rental business trends and business opportunities within the industry to build a business like Airbnb.

Organize your knowledge in developing an Airbnb-like website & app and important features. Make segments of your work and explore each individually


  • Global traveling trends
  • Airbnb market share & business competitors
  • Overall Airbnb like web & app cost factors


Global traveling trends


  • Bleisure


Business people used to add more independent time to business trips


  • New Experiences


Common formats become less popular whereas unusual destinations and experiences are emerging. Nearly 70 % of travelers are implementing this.

Worldwide Airbnb course


  • 192 countries 57000 cities Airbnb are active in
  • 60 million registered active users
  • 500000 guests stay per night in Airbnb
  • More than 700000 hosts
  • 2 million listings
  • Estimated revenue of around $ 900 million
  • People traveled about 10 billion miles to Airbnb destination


Airbnb Competitors

The game-changing vacation rental platform becomes growingly popular and Airbnb appears to be not the only platform for listing and booking accommodations globally.

Major players in the market are


  • Home Away


With over 1 million global listings, it has the same range of services and operates on more regional sites in niche VRBO


  • Flipkey


The largest company owned by TripAdvisor has a lot of users and the highest quality rates because of the manual verification program by website employees.

Airbnb like Web & app pricing factors & features

There are some important factors that influence the cost to create and develop web & app like Airbnb. Diverse modes of crafting will project on Airbnb app development cost.

Major aspects


  • Size of the development team


If you are a skilled person in web & app development you can administer the whole process with minimum team size. Otherwise, consult with the expert development team to build a successful vacation rental script like Airbnb. Types of platforms and devices app are being built for IOS, Android. You should consider this beforehand based on target audience location, preferred device, and more.


  • The technical complexity of features


You should decide what range of elements you want within your mobile application and rate them from simple to medium and high complexity. Pricing to develop web & app purely depends on how long it takes developers to implement each of these


Custom Vs Standard

If you prefer some unique visuals and tools instead of ones based on pre-built sets, it will change the price even more. Moving to specific features, it’s important to mention the rough time to cover all stages of creating the feature.

Must have features


  • Advanced filters
  • Responsive Design
  • Properties Management
  • Google Map Integration
  • Currency Converter
  • Single/Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Calendar Settings
  • Enhanced Admin Dashboard
  • Site Info Settings
  • Featured Properties
  • Social Sharing
  • Email Notification Alert
  • Plug-in friendly

Setting framework



  • This feature allows users to customize and configure all personal data and preference as
  • Update notifications via SMS/push
  • Wish lists
  • Payment gateways


Do you want to start a vacation rental business like Airbnb on the above-mentioned list and facing challenges in developing software? Consult with experts today.

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