How to build a website like airbnb?

How to build a website like airbnb
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Do you want to build a peer to peer vacation rental marketplace? You have come to the right place. HomestayDNN airbnb clone script offers you the most affordable way to build a site like airbnb in minutes.Before we get started in how to build a website like airbnb?  Here is the run down on what’s airbnb actually and how does it works?

What’s airbnb?

Airbnb is a vacation rental marketplace allowing people to rent out properties or spare unused spaces to guests. Airbnb follows the “Sharing Economy” concept and follows many criteria to list for or search property from shared room to entire house. It is the popular accommodation sharing platform launched in 2009,its grown from helping 21000 guests a year finding a place to stay and currently lists a staggering 8,00,000 properties in 34000 cities and 90 countries. Many people like airbnb because it allows you to bit more to live as local rather than tourist. It makes you feel a local of that place rather than a visitor. Airbnb takes a unique business approach towards lodging. Host can make money by renting out extra space through Airbnb .It’s brilliant strategies have acquired significant customer base across the globe.

Peer to Peer vacation rental marketplace

Peer to peer marketplaces are quite tough to create by yourself. They need to handle filtered searching, geo location, online payments, communication between hosts and guests and review systems. Building such a site like airbnb from scratch needs lot of technical skills and time.If you hire a developer or an IT consultancy to build a marketplace website for you, even building first version might cost north of $10,000 and easily takes up to 6 months to launch. After launching your airbnb like site, you will notice many issues and need to be fixed and new features your customers are requesting and so cost quickly add up.

However, you’re in luck: HomestayDNN vacation rental script has automated all this work for you, so you don’t need to spend any time building the technology. You can instead focus on what matters most your customer community (client base)

Why airbnb clone script?

Airbnb clone script made a strong impact in travel world by listing your properties available to rent. This has opened up tourists for a wide variety of choices. Ever since its establishment, connecting platforms between host and traveler have been highly in demand. Such platforms can be designed with HomestayDNN airbnb clone script which replicates exact a system by providing you with facility to customize your website. Your airbnb clone based website makes you to earn more profits. Airbnb clone assists you responsive design, essential features, endless customization opportunities, perfect programming and improved search engine results. Success strategies made airbnb clone script to dominate world with user friendly website.

Airbnb clone script features you must look in

• Login/Sign up via social media accounts
• User Dashboard
• Personal profile information
• User settings (Change email/password, notification settings) 
• User’s Dashboard
Guest features
• Manage personal profile information
• Search for properties
• View listings
• View upcoming/past bookings and reservations details
• Leave reviews and rate hosts
• Manage payment methods and view transactions history.
Host Features
• Create their own pages and become hosts
• Manage personal page information
• Manage information about listings
• View upcoming/past bookings and reservations details
• Leave reviews and rate guests
• Manage payout methods and view transactions history.

HomestayDNN airbnb clone script offers affordable solution by incorporating above listed features to build your own airbnb like website.