How splacer space rental software marketplace works?

How splacer space rental software marketplace works?
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

With the latest advancements in the internet and technologies, the way to handle business processes and data has changed differently. Innovative software business and solutions empowered every industry across the globe to handle processes more effectively. The space rental business is one such business that has immense benefits from using space rental software such as office space and co-working space rentals. Best space rental software automates all complex processes and helps in saving time and efforts.

About splacer event management software

Splacer - A new startup out of Tel Aviv that wants to be the “Airbnb for event spaces”. The pitch of place is quite easy; you can rent a space for days or hours and do it with efficiency and no location scout. The best thing is you can make money off your space for less commitment than letting strangers be in your space. Splacer follows the idea similar to other startups such as Eventup, venues where all aimed to connect event venue organizers and venue owners. In a city like New York, most people don’t have enough room to host an event or meeting. If you have extra space and want to earn extra money, why not renting out to someone who needs your space?

Airbnb for space rentals

Despite travelers embracing other people’s spaces as temporary homes such as Airbnb, it still looks more natural to lean on traditional venues for events. To make splacer apart, venue supply is curated by architects and centered on a square set. Instead of focusing on commercial event spaces, splacer has devoted most of its attention to finding private residences that can be rented out. The venue spaces are all about ambiance and design. The platform also connects you with musicians, caterers, artists you can hire if you are looking for entertainment. The Splacer's modest goal is to open up cities for locals.

How Splacer works

In splacer online space rental platform to list, find and book short-term spaces for unique event experiences. It utilizes a network of local scouts and affiliates to access unique spaces and curates its offering to make sure only the best venues are listed on the platform.

Event organizers

In splacer space rental software platform, organizers or splacers can browse and filter by location, size, type of activity, and keyword. Once users find a space they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information. They can search splacer’s friends for event production services and equipment if they wish. When they find a perfect space they book and start using for their events.

Space rental owners

Space rental owners sign up with information about their space, location, and contact info. After approval by the splacer team, they add more information about space, upload pictures, and select the types of events they welcome in their space. When event organizers contact the space owners, they will reply with further information about availability and prices. The space owner is responsible for making sure that the space is ready to use before every event. In this event marketplace, all back-end details will be handled to assure safe and secure exchange around. It also facilitates reviews following the vent to ensure wonderful spaces and hosts get proper notice.


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