How Airbnb Clone Make Prospective Profit?

How Airbnb Clone Make Prospective Profit
SAJITHA BANU Content Writer

Airbnb is an online platform that connects hosts and travelers in a single tap. Most online businesses work in a similar way to network their services and products to users. In an online marketplace, acquiring knowledge of services, and products are more convenient. 

Along with it, businesses can make huge profits without spending more bucks applicable to traditional methods. According to reports, Annual Airbnb bookings records 1 billion, and the growth rate of global tourism is predicted to reach USD 11,382 Billion by 2025

This stands out as a mediator to bridge the gap between customers and people who offer respective services. To quote some popular niche that has a lucrative online business community includes Airbnb,, Uber, Swiggy, TaskRabbit, and much more.


How to start a business like Airbnb?

If you’re a non-techie person, then you may feel starting an online business is not suitable for you. Fortunately, there are a lot of business resources and clone software to build your business are available online.

The clone scripts are MVP solutions that offer similar core features to their parent products to create your own projects. Also, you can find market-fit products that allow businesses to customize their ideas.

Are you looking to start an online rental business like Airbnb, you can get an Airbnb clone and start your business instantly. The business owners get great returns on investment by combining both Airbnb clones and business tactics. The Airbnb clone is a software that consists of the core features and functionalities of the Airbnb platform.


Working Flow Of Airbnb Clone

The Airbnb clone connects guests, hosts, and admin:

  • Using the Airbnb system, guests can book rooms for short-term rentals.
  • The verified hosts can list their properties in the rental platform with admin approval.
  • Admin holds complete control and connects them for a processing fee.      


How Can Businesses Generate Revenue With Airbnb Clones?


Processing Fee

For Admin this works as the main revenue. By managing the guest and host activities for short-term rentals. For example, If a visitor books a property and confirms their stay in the respective rental area. They are charged a service fee for processing it.


Advertising Fee

The hosts can list their properties on the rental platform, by boosting their brand admin gets an advertising fee. For example, Advertising helps visitors to find their desired rental property and the host has to pay a certain amount.


Space Listing Membership

The verified users can join the membership, it limits the number of listings along with much more facilities. 

The Airbnb clone is customizable and offers various functionalities to support your business ideas. Therefore, it helps businesses to generate more revenue as described above.


Wrapping up

Airbnb is a behemoth in online property rental platforms. However, starting a business in the rental industry can be challenging and requires a lot of references to furnishing your rental business. Get a clone software that includes features and functionalities that resembles Airbnb. If you are planning to launch a rental business then you can definitely make great revenue out of it. Choose the best Airbnb clone script for your business.