Core Features of Airbnb to create your own vacation rental marketplace

Core Features of Airbnb to create your own vacation rental marketplace
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Vacation rental marketplace

Vacation rental trend has gone global now. Every year many people leave their home for travel, business and for the family vacation and they need a temporary vacation. You can find hotels but they can be very expensive. Airbnb vacation rental platform launched in 2008 gives a great start-up business option that lets people rent private houses and apartments.

Within a short span of time, Airbnb becomes the most successful rental marketplace among entrepreneurs and travelers. Quite a huge number of entrepreneurs consider developing their own Airbnb clone. We will explain to you the possible options of creating your own Airbnb like service and also shares tips on how to build the best Airbnb clone from scratch.

How can you create a website similar to Airbnb?

  • Create your own Airbnb in the following ways:
  • Creating your own Airbnb clone script with Saas solution
  • Using open source marketplace platform- Readymade Airbnb clone script
  • Developing a marketplace from scratch
  • Developing Airbnb from scratch

Airbnb was originally started developing their product from scratch. Airbnb was created for providing the best rental services globally.

Core features of Airbnb

Let’s start with an overview of the features that are must for Airbnb and its competitors. Airbnb has two types of users Guests and Hosts.


  •  Login/Sign up via social media accounts
  • User Dashboard
  • Personal profile information
  • User settings (Change email/password, notification settings)
  • User’s Dashboard

Guest features

  • Manage personal profile information
  • Search for properties
  • View listings
  • View upcoming/past bookings and reservations details
  • Leave reviews and rate hosts
  • Manage payment methods and view transactions history.

Host Features

  • Create their own pages and become hosts
  • Manage personal page information
  • Manage information about listings (basic details, photos, schedules, and prices)
  • View upcoming/past bookings and reservations details
  • Leave reviews and rate guests
  • Manage payout methods and view transactions history.

HomestayDNN for online vacation rental business

Introducing HomestayDNN Airbnb clone script with the combination of Rich platform and intuitive User interface that assures Maximum ROI on vacation rental marketplace

HomestayDNN is the custom built collection of Airbnb clone script to start your own online accommodation booking website same as Airbnb. The adaptive nature of this Airbnb business model makes is customary to most destinations available in online. HomestayDNN is designed and developed by POFITEC to create a marketplace for vacation rental.

What can you expect from our vacation rental marketplace?

Trusted vacation rental script

HomestayDNN is one of the most famous and trusted online vacation rental platforms across the globe. Start your B2C vacation rental business with our Airbnb clone business model which automates many tasks that reduces your time and money.

Custom business packages

HomestayDNN comes with Premium & Platinum business packages which are helpful for your business needs and you can develop your own vacation rental website.

Here are advantages of buying our HomestayDNN Airbnb Clone

  • Custom build-Easy Customization as per Client’s requirements
  • Compact design –Unique and SEO friendly design
  • Rich design features –Necessary and rich features to handle your vacation rental website
  • Installation and Support-Maintenance, Complete installation and technical support
  • Standalone software – Functional and Tested software 

HomestayDNN gives you a perfect solution for running a successful vacation rental platform. One can utilize this script to build any kind of online rental business like car rental, boat rental, cloth rental, etc. Get a free consultation with our experts and launch your own rental platform.