An Ultimate Guide to Build a Vacation Rental App Like Airbnb

An Ultimate Guide to Build a Vacation Rental App Like Airbnb
Vinu Pradha Content writer

As you all know, with several travel apps like Airbnb, it has become easy and convenient for tourists to buy tickets, book accommodations, or compare prices with just a few simple clicks on their mobile phones. And it is the main reason behind the increasing popularity of the online travel industry.

Well, when it comes to Vacation Rental Apps, it is Airbnb that is doing a great job. Hence it would be best to consider developing an app similar to Airbnb.

Without further ado, let us start by exploring more about it:

At first, let us explore some statistics highlighting the growing popularity of Airbnb;

  • Airbnb has around 4 million hosts and 6 million listings worldwide. 
  • Airbnb has listings in over 100,000 cities globally. 
  • The platform has over 150+ million users across the globe and has completed over 1 billion bookings. 
  • On average, a minimum of 6 guests checks into Airbnb every second. 
  • The average cost for an Airbnb per night is $163 in North America. 
  • Generally, it takes users an average of 11 minutes and 31 seconds to book a stay using the Airbnb App. 
  • The average property owner earns nearly $13,800 annually. 
  • Airbnb’s current value is around $113 billion (about $350 per person in the US). 
  • It is estimated that Airbnb can holds over a 20% market share in the vacation rental industry.

So, How Does an App-Like Airbnb Work? 

  • The property owner can list their property with the description, including the rules, prices, facilities, and any other information that attracts tourists to select their stay. 
  • The tourist searching for a property to rent can filter location, price range, and other necessary details. 
  • Once after finding the perfect property that meets his expectations, the tourist can request a booking. 
  • Upon the booking request, the property owner can either accept or reject it. 
  • Once the owner accepts the booking request, the tourist pays the remaining sum to the owner after the stay. 
  • Finally, the host of the property and the tourist can rate and review each other.

What are the Unique Features of an Airbnb Clone App? 

If you want to build a vacation rental app like Airbnb, the following are a few features to consider for a better user experience.

  • Sign-up/Login

Users can sign-up for the Airbnb Clone App by providing the necessary details such as their name, email address, ID number, etc. If the user has already registered on the Airbnb Clone, then they can log in using their user ID.

  • Search Filter

Filters enable users to find their desired property by applying filters like available dates, price range, property size, etc. This feature saves users time to find the property which meets their expectations.

  • Payments

The payment feature enables users to pay the property owner after finalizing the stay. It also helps the user to view all their transaction history, payment details, etc.

  • Wish List

If a preferred property is not available on Airbnb Clone App, the user can mark it to their wish list for future usage.

  • In-App Chat

This feature notifies the user about the message they received on Airbnb Clone App.

  • Chatbot

Chatbot allows users to interact with the property owner before booking the property on Airbnb Clone.

  • Account Details

This feature in the Airbnb Clone App enables hosts to track their booking deposits and payment transactions.

  • Manage Account

This feature lets users change and update their personal information on Airbnb Clone, including their password change.

  • Help and Support

This feature on Airbnb Clone App helps users provide a solution to their problems and understand the app better.

  • Ratings and Review

Airbnb Clone App allows users to share their experience via ratings and review with the app for future reference.

Airbnb Clone App Development: The Bottom Line

Airbnb Clone App Development has emerged as a promising venture, providing individuals with an opportunity to create their rental marketplace platforms. The concept of replicating the successful model of Airbnb lets entrepreneurs tap into the thriving market of short-term vacation rentals, accommodations, and experiences.

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