7 Signs to Revamp Your Vacation Rental Website and Make Guests Wow

7 Signs to Revamp Your Vacation Rental Website and Make Guests Wow
SAJITHA BANU Z Content Writer


If you’re a vacation rental owner then probably you might have faced this situation. As the vacation rental landscape is very competitive, having a website that doesn’t meet your purpose is a huge failure.

Have you ever scrutinized your site and faced such lacking issues? Then it's time to revamp your rental platform with feature-rich add ons. Here you will get to know the seven important fire signs which indicate your site must be revamped for sure.


When lacking Mobile-friendliness

Almost more than half of vacation rental bookings happen via mobile phones based on a trip survey in 2016. Imagine your site isn’t mobile-friendly, and this results in missing out on a lot of rental bookings.           

If you’re not sure about how responsive your site is? Then make use of Google’s free mobile-friendly testing tool and explore today. There are so many software solution providers who offer ready-made templates to create mobile-friendly vacation rental platforms. Make use of them and create a site like Airbnb clone that fits best in mobile and tablet screens.


You can’t accept multiple payments

If your vacation rental website doesn’t provide digital payment options and accepts only cash or check payments. From a user perspective, you may miss out on a whole load of customer trust in terms of website legitimacy.

A simple booking system must help businesses to accept secure online payments. For example, you can integrate credit/debit card payments or Google pay, and Apple pays to build credibility for your vacation rental business.


It’s not attractive visually

You can find the end number of dos and don’ts when it comes to a vacation rental website. The fact is, creating a visually appealing site can attract potential guests and entice them to stay at your rental. 

All these visually attractive elements include high-quality images, a color scheme, and simple navigation to provide an overall good user experience. If your website is lacking any of this, visitors will drop from the homepage itself. 


When your site is complex & outdated

Modern websites must be very easy to update any changes without any developer or designer support. YES! You can’t always rely on service providers to update simple information like your contact details or addresses.    

If your vacation rental website is outdated and owners themselves can’t even bear with the smallest changes, consider revamping. Just look for developer support and upgrade your website design with advanced features.  


Having trouble reaching out

Is your contact information available on every website page? Is your customer inquiry simple? Can customers reach you out easily in need of any vacation rental queries? If you can’t find an answer to any of these questions, just think out of the box. 

What can you expect from guests looking for location, price, and amenities? Ensure to make simple inquiry forms to help your guests and stand ahead of the competitors in the rental marketplace.


It takes forever time to load

Research shows 50% of online users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You can find multiple ways to optimize websites for fast loading, which you can ask service providers to do technically. 

Just remember, optimizing website loading speed has a great impact on increasing your booking rate. As guests have a lot of options to choose from online, you need to have lighting speed websites to make your vacation rental stand out! 


You’re missing out on bookings

Your vacation rental website must complement every other listing as it helps users to navigate easily across platforms. Allow guests to book your property in your own rental platform and save huge bucks from third-party aggregators like Airbnb and HomeAway, etc. 

If your personal website doesn’t receive rental bookings directly. It’s really worth considering website revamping to receive bookings from your own vacation rental platform. SEO is the key driving force of website traffic and bookings in the rental business. So get acquainted with online marketing and start earning more than ever.


Bottom Line

Make sure your vacation rental software is mobile-optimized, user-friendly, up to date, and accepts seamless bookings at the beginning itself. By integrating necessary features in a website,  businesses can take a great shot of success at ease. Revamp your rental platform and skyrocket your bookings today.