6 Upsell Techniques to Increase Your Vacation Rental Revenue

6 Upsell Techniques to Increase Your Vacation Rental Revenue
SAJITHA BANU Content Writer

Vacation rental bookings often experience a rollercoaster rush, it goes down in times of slow seasons and rises remarkably in busy times. However, pandemic drastically affects vacation rental businesses due to travel restrictions worldwide.

If you have started a vacation rental business and are looking for the best ways to increase revenue. Here are the most essential ways to maximize your business!

As the Covid 19 and low season affects the number of bookings, you can still increase your revenue along with a better experience for guests. Are you wondering, how it’s possible? That’s how upselling works for vacation rental businesses.


What is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales strategy, which makes guests pay a little extra for experiencing a better stay. Many hotels use this business technique over years, which is included in the vacation rental industry recently. Therefore, this method can improve your guests experience and they remember their stay in your vacation rental for a lifetime.


6 Ways to Increase Revenue


Early Check-ins and Late Check-outs

For both rental owners and guests, it is difficult to manage check-in and checkout timings accordingly. Furthermore, it’s advisable to make early check-in and late check-outs to avoid last-minute chaos.

If guest check-out timing is 2 pm, but their flight departure timings are 9 am, guests find it difficult to handle their luggage in the airport and wander without any option cluelessly. 

To make your guest stress-free, you can offer early check-in or late check-out options, with a small fee which can delight your guests whole vacation trip.


Luggage Storage

Ensure to understand that early check-in and late check-outs work only when the guest's timings didn’t overlap each other. Moreover, if a new guest arrives before the former one leaves, check-in early or late is not possible. 

For this, you can offer a luggage locker for guests for a small fee. Allow your guest to leave their luggage securely in your vacation rental.



Transportation is the major chaos running in the minds of your guest. Once they reach the airport terminal, it’s a risk to take a cab or bus for certain reasons.

So, guests find it difficult to reach your vacation rental without any agitation. Keep in mind that you could gain more positive feedback by providing airport transportation resources.

In the meantime, you can also earn a lot of profits by offering airport transportation. Also, your guests will thank you and appreciate your effort to build a personal touch with them.


Rent Popular Sports Equipment

You can also rent sports equipment for your guests to increase revenue. You can offer popular sports and outdoor equipment based on your vacation rental locality. Here are a few of the popular sports equipment which you can offer for rental including

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Bicycles
  • Snowshoes
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Tennis Gear

Keep the price of your competitors, and offer the best deals for your guests which motivates them to rent directly from you. Therefore, you create the most memorable vacation experience for your guest by providing best-in-class activities and equipment.


Partner with Local Vendors

Look for the popular attractions in your locality such as horse riding, water rafting, or culinary, yoga, and crafting. All these amenities can attract tourists from various backgrounds. So, join with your local vendors to offer a native experience to your guests.

By working with these professionals, you are uplifting the local economy and at the same time offer quality service to your guests.

You can advertise these amenities and services in your website listings or welcome packaged to grab your guests attention.


Upgrade Your Welcome Pack

You can offer complimentary welcome packs, which is a great gesture to make guests feel at home. You can provide upgraded welcome packs as an optional with a small fee for needed guests. By doing this, you can increase your revenue double.

For example, you can include luxury packs that contain, champagne, olives, artisan cheeses, and meats, that offer romantic indoors for your guests. You can offer, upgrade welcome packs that include,

  • Native Pack: recipes, spices, and wines from your locality
  • Self-care Pack: facials, bath bombs, soaps, lotions, flavored tea, chocolate
  • Farmer’s Pack: fresh fruits, vegetables, and bread from local bakers


The Benefits of Upselling

The upselling techniques help to gain more revenue and also leads to more vacation rental bookings. By offering the best experience to your guest, you ultimately gain positive reviews and guest returns to your vacation rental.

You can offer airport transportation and car rental options, which provide hassle-free travel plans to your guests.


Increase Your Revenue

To make your vacation rental business profitable, you need to include consistent upgrades. You can also include necessary amenities, which drives high annual revenue for your vacation rental business.