5 amazing trends for the holiday rental industry in 2020

5 amazing trends for the holiday rental industry in 2020
Praveen Content Writer

People want to get away from their stressful lives and monotony which developed with the outbreak of the pandemic and as a part of this trend is resuming their holiday plans. Vacation rental business owners and managers should therefore be informed of the latest trends as people get back to their holiday plans to greet their guests in the best way possible.


Holiday rental trends post COVID


The vacation rental industry is experiencing uncertainty and fast-changing dynamics. The restrictions present now are based on a local level and can change within a day. In the near future, international travel will be restrictive with specific rules for travelers from hotspot countries and quarantine rules. That does not mean that people are not planning travel and doing bookings in the current scenario. More people are opting for domestic destinations or going to places that are closer to them for their vacations so that they don't have to undergo the difficulties of quarantine rules or uncertainties. With the reopening of borders and lessening concerns with respect to the transmission of the virus, vacation rental industry bookings will regain strength and rebound in the long term to regain the lost revenue due to the pandemic.


Increased service expectations 


Guests want to have an experience that is of the highest quality before the pandemic and even now as far as their stay at the holiday homes is concerned. Prior to the pandemic providing amenities was an integral part for a stellar guest experience but now along with it, you need to enhance the quality of your property as people will be spending more time at your property than going around in the local attractive tourist spots. Also, higher standards of cleanliness and safety measures should be implemented in place as it is a must in increasing the confidence level that your guests have while booking with you. You can even think of hiring a team of professional cleaners for maximum results and let your guest know about the coronavirus preventive measures taken by you in your property description.


Less physical person to person interactions


The interactions between property owners and guests are kept to a minimum according to the new normal to increase the safety level. Technology and automation services are used to give guests a contactless experience. Keyless entry, smart locks are some of the finest examples of steps taken in this regard. An orientation video of the property is also sent to guests as part of the automated guest communication. Video conferencing is also conducted between property owners and guests to tackle any issues faced by guests in the property before sending in a specialist to sort out the issue to reduce man to man contacts.


Enhanced rental opportunities


Short term rentals will see an unprecedented increase in revenue as people are searching for remote holiday locations with more privacy and safety. Owners of short-term rentals should therefore take measures to make their properties more appealing, especially to millennials as they are the prime customers of this sector. You can attract more visitors by giving them options like a flexible cancellation policy, a pet-friendly atmosphere and even allowing Airbnb’s instant booking.


Optimized short term rental technology


Short term rental owners should be in line with the shifting market trends and local changes in restrictions. They should use smart, third party tools to take care of their rental property management so as to streamline their operations and bring in more profits.




It is not that people have completely lost interest in taking holidays, it is their concern regarding safety and cleanliness measures that are preventing them from venturing outdoors. Therefore by assuring your guests of maximum safety and innovating your property in line with the latest holiday trends you can still attract potential customers to your vacation rental property.