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What is airbnb.com?

In short, Airbnb is a community marketplace for the people looking to rent out their lodgings. Travelers are able to search and connect with the host (property owners) and book for their accommodations through online. Each property is associated with a host whose profile will have recommendations by other users as well as reviews by the vacationers. This highly successful business concept has disrupted the hotel industry by providing a platform for anyone with a property to rent out for a profit.

Why investors are inspired on Airbnb Clones?

Initially, airbnb just confirmed a massive $1.5 billion funding but now it seems to be valued as 25.5 billion US Dollars. As long as Airbnb has taken the vacation rental industry, a lot of startups make an entry to this unexplored market and created their own trademark.

HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey some well funded startups. Now we can see the vacation rentals trend across the world. It is the high time that you should get started with your vacation rental business. But always be focused on the key which differentiate you from the others. This market is huge and possibilities are endless, so some extra efforts should be made to shine in this field. It’s not an easy task to develop an airbnb like website from scratch since it consumes more time, effort and cost. To overcome this context, many corporate have come up with the concept of airbnb clone script and this brings a tremendous change.

Airbnb Clone Script - Insight to HomeStayDNN

HOMESTAYDNN Airbnb Clone is a community based marketplace script where the people with rooms (space provider/host) to rent are get connected with travelers (guest) looking for cozy and worthwhile places for their stay. HomestayDNN - Airbnb Clone is a collaborative PHP based Online Vacation Rental System that has both web and native built Android and iOS mobile App. This rental script is developed in view of AirBNB by enabling transparent communication between host and guest. HomestayDNN Airbnb Clone Script is widely accepted by entrepreneurs across the world.
HomestayDNN is astounded with the latest features and benefits that will enthrall your online vacation rental business. We provide you with 100% Source code and with multi domain license. Above all we provide high-end customization as we have highly experienced technical resources with rental domain knowledge. SEo friendly application and you can easily invite the hosts and guests from across the globe to use this first-class Online Rental Service which will lift-up travelers’ stay and hosts’ rental experience to the next level.

Airbnb Clone Mobile App

With HomeStayDNN Mobile App, feel the smart rental booking experience. Our mobile app will be the perfect solution for your customers who are on the move. HomestayDNN Mobile App is endowed with all the features which are available in our web application. Industry statistics says that, in this cyber era more business or transactions happens through mobile phones. Being a responsive website is good, but when it comes to sales, mobile app is an inevitable factor in this competitive online rental Business. To accomplish this we provide you an innovative Airbnb Clone Mobile App with native built Android and iOS platform.

Key Technical features of our Android Mobile App

Application Architecture
  • Model-View-Presenter architectural pattern
  • Networking
  • Package:network
  • Volley
Other Packages
  • Animation
  • Util
  • Eventbus
  • Datamodel
  • Helper
  • Parser
  • Viewholder
Data Persistence
  • Package: database
  • SQLite DB
  • CURD operation
Publish-Subscribe Pattern
  • Package:eventbus
  • Custom views
  • Package: customview
Helper Functions
  • Package: Helper
General Application Pros
  • Minimum set of resources
  • Google API’s
  • No expensive operations
  • google guidelines
  • Well defined UX
  • Trusted third party SDK’s (PayPal)
homestayy-android-app homestayy-android-app homestay-iphone-app homestay-andoid-app

Why HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone Script?

A well and simply structured layout will take the end-user to easily navigate through out the pages. The best UI & UX is assured in every nook and corner of page
Immensely responsive design across multiple platforms like PCs, laptops, tablet’s, Smartphone’s etc. You can see a greater reach-ability among the customers and it results in greater sales/conversion rate.
You can see an extraordinary speed and performance of the website. Each page is highly optimized to give effective functionality.
We give 100% access right to source code and hand over the ownership to you. So you are liable to make any customization as your wish.
Good URLs always get many clicks since they are easy to read and understand. We provide SEO friendly URLs for better clicks and better results.
Highly functional dashboard with all features controlled in a single login. The hosts, guest or website owner can easily manage their dashboards and keep track on their sales.
Now Sign-in and Sign-up makes easier with HomeStayDNN. You can login by using your favorite social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and your Gmail.
We support Multi languages and displays local currency based on their IP which overcome potential cultural barriers.
We focus on providing a secured infrastructure for your online payment systems. By default we support PAYPAL and Stripe Credit card payment channel.
We do Google map integration for hassle-free and correct view of location.
We provide the functionality that automatically switches the currency value based on the user’s IP address.
Reputation and trust is an important factor for a user as it provides a faith towards you. So an effective review system is included in our application.
Authentication sounds good for the traveler/vacationers if it’s a verified property. It builds integrity and user-engagement to your sites.
We do customizations. Your designs are not restricted to any single theme. You can choose your own look and feel for your vacation rental platform. The design can be further customized as per your needs.
Our script offers various revenue models like traveler’s service fee, property listing fee, Ad management, Email campaigns, Social media promotions and so on. We can modify these models according to your needs.
We are empowered with the powerful open source technologies like PHP, MySQL and CodeIgniter Framework. For complete deployment Linux based server is needed.
We request the customer to double check the free demo or our 7 days free trial and get used to it before purchase as refund is not available since we are providing 100%source code.
We didn't provide any kind of documentation during the deployment of product.Instead of that a user manual is given along with the product

5 Quick Facts


100% Source Code

Get access to 100% Source Code. We let you to modify any part of the code or functionality to match with your customized requirement. We follow w3C standard in coding which will make any techie to change.


Imperative Support

We will be a cornerstone for you. We provide everything that need for you- one year free customer support, three months free technical and digital marketing support.


Integral Up-grading

Free Upgrade to HOMESTAYDNN for any revisions / versions for first 1 year from the date of purchase.


Flexible Customization

We have in-house expert developers who are well proficient in PHP,MySQL and Codeigniter; we do customization as per your new requirements and ensure a speedy delivery with Quality


Flawless Communication

We are not limited to any geographical locations, communication is very important even before the sales and after the sales. With openness of our employee hierarchy, you can reach us at any point of time.

HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone Script - Demo




Username: admin
Password: admin123


Username: host@hsd.com
Password: host@123


Username: guest@hsd.com
Password: guest123

HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone Features

  • General
  • Admin
  • Guest
  • Host
  • N number of Guests
  • N number of Hosts
  • N number of Property Listing
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Payment Gateway
  • Alert for Hosts and Guests
  • Sign in using Facebook,Linkedin,Google plus
  • In depth search by City, State and Country
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Wish List Features
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Watermark Features
  • Stripe Payment Module
  • 100% Source Code & Customization
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Free Installation
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Responsive Design
  • Free Support
  • Free Digital Marketing Support
  • Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account
  • IP based currency conversion
  • Multiple Languages
  • Site Settings
  • Email Management
  • Member Management
  • User Listing Management
  • Currency management
  • Banner Management
  • Commission Fees
  • Export Properties, Hosts, Guests, Accounts
  • Countries Management
  • SEO Management
  • Help Management
  • Cities Management
  • Space Management
  • Language Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Commission % Module
  • Alert for Hosts and Guests
  • Database Backup
  • New Page Creation
  • Communication between Guest & Host
  • Trust and Verification System
  • Guest trips
  • Reviews
  • Disputes
  • Inbox
  • Profile
  • Invite friends
  • N number of Property Listing
  • Communication between Guest & Host
  • Trust and Verification System
  • Your trips
  • Your reservation
  • Transaction History
  • Payout details
  • Reviews
  • Disputes

HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone for Other Rentals

Apart from vacation rental script, we are very much adaptable to fit any kind of Online Rental Business. We extend our services on following domains


Car rental


Boat Rental


Bike Rental






Office Space Rental


Party tend Rental


Outdoor Activity/Sporting/Fitness




Glamping or Camping Gear

HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone Script - Pricing


7 Days No Credit Card

  • 100% Source Code
  • Free Installation Support
  • Multiple Domains
  • All Features
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$599 for Life Time

  • 100% Source Code
  • 3 months Free Technical Support
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free Installation Support
  • Free Digital Marketing Support
  • Multiple Domains
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$999 for Life Time

  • 100% Source Code
  • 3 months Free Technical Support
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free Installation Support
  • Free Digital Marketing Support
  • Multiple Domains
  • Built-In Native Android App for Hosts & Guests
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$1699 for Life Time

  • 100% Source Code
  • 3 months Free Technical Support
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free Installation Support
  • Free Digital Marketing Support
  • Multiple Domains
  • Built-In Native iPhone App for Hosts & Guests
  • Built-In Native Android App for Hosts & Guests
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Frequently Ask Questions- FAQ

HomeStayDNN is an online vacation rental script which has been cloned from the world famous rental management software – AirBNB.
HomestayDNN will run in MORE THAN ONE Domain and it depends on the plan which you choose.
No. We highly recommended you to view our demo or contact us for the detailed discussion. Your money is not refunded since we are providing 100% source code.
To extend we will not let you to come across any bug in the functionalities. If it happens our technical team will support you.
Yes, HomestayDNN is completely developed using open source languages like PHP,Codeignitor and MySQL.
You will be able to access or modify any part of the code. The website ownership is transferred to you and you‘re obliged for any kind of customization.
Of course! We are flexible to do any kind of customizations as per your requirement. We do time-bound and qualitative customizations.
You can pay to us through PayPal or wire transfer. We are flexible if you have any other payment methods.
You will get free updates only for the first year from the date which you purchased.
No. It’s based on the pricing plan which you choose.


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    +91- 422- 450 2000

  • +91 979 015 3222

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